Individual Lessons

With the help of the latest GASP video coaching technology ‘Seeing is Believing’, a clear picture of your set-up or swing that is in need of most attention can be obtained.
Analysis of driving, iron play and shortgame gives you an overall idea of the areas in your game to work on. With the help of training aids and specific drills and exercises, the necessary adjustments to your golf swing can be made to improve greater consistency.
Have your swing compared with the best players in the world to help improve the areas that need a bit of work.

Take advantage of the brand new Ebook system that Snainton Golf Centre has to offer! This contains a full page by page lesson history, including playing videos, descriptive text of all topics covered in the lessons and you can receive up to date offers from Snainton has.

Videos can also be uploaded directly to your Smart phone, (e.g. I Phone)

GASP lite gold Golf swing Analysis Software – After each golf lesson your swing will be loaded onto your own CD so you can take it home. This is a great benefit to help you see progression in your swing over the weeks.
The GASP lite gold software is our student software that allows pupils to record, playback, play in slow motion, draw and split screen analysis their swings on the home PC.
The software has 5 drawing tools split screen 2 windows, print, record, playback,frame by frame, slow motion, save and import.

Buy Now £39.99
(includes Tiger Woods, Ernie Els, Adam Scott and many more Tour Players golf swings).
Intense One Day Session
These sessions are one on one sessions. Come along for the day and improve the biggest faults in your game as the session is built around your needs.
If you struggle on driving or maybe shortgame have a day of intense tuition on that skill to get you back hitting the ball Great!
The normal perks apply:

After golf lunch in the Bay 19
Unlimited tea & coffee
Unlimited golf on the 9 hole par 3 course
Unlimited range balls on the floodlit driving range
Free use of the short-game area
Coaching log book to take home on the techniques practiced
Total cost £130
Please call Matthew on 01723 850014 to arrange a suitable day