Primary Schools

Tri-Golf Primary School Coaching

A mini version of golf designed specifically for young children at infant, primary and junior schools. Using friendly equipment that has proved to be popular with children. These make it possible for teachers to introduce golfing concepts and skills through fun games rather than technical instruction. They also enable teachers to use golf as a way of encouraging learning in other areas; for example, maths, from scoring, literacy and citizenship (golf is a game of honesty and self-regulation). Tri-Golf Skills Awards Based on the success of the Junior Golf Passport in clubs and the Tri-Golf initiative within schools, the Golf Foundation has developed an exciting new learning programme for primary schools that will extend the range of Tri-Golf within the curriculum and also out of school, called the Tri-Golf Skills Award. With fun and colourful scorecards designed for the pupils themselves to keep their own score, as well as cartoon stickers and certificates, the Tri-Golf Skills Award is very pupil-centred. It encourages pupil self-assessment and self-responsibility in tandem with the scheme of work (see next paragraph). As well as looking at the technical skills of golf, it also encourages pupils to think about Skills for Life such as honesty, respect, cooperation and concentration.

The Tri-Golf Skills Award can be run as part of the new scheme of work given to all teachers and coaches that have attended a Tri-Golf Activators workshop. Each lesson plan within the scheme of work contains at least 3 challenges from the Skills Award so that pupils can assess themselves and see themselves progressing through a structured learning scheme. The pupils should be able to achieve the first level of the award (Par) or beyond during an half-term or 6-week block. More able pupils might progress onto the second and third levels, Birdie and Eagle respectively. The 3 levels of the Tri-Golf Skills Award can help teachers assess pupil attainment levels at Key Stage 2 of the national PE curriculum. The scheme also allows teachers to continue the Tri-Golf learning experience in an after-school club so that if your school does not have a link with a golf club or your pupils are too young to attend a golf club, they can continue playing golf at a school or community site. Tri-Golf Festival The beauty of Tri-Golf is that it can be played anywhere in large groups. Festivals can be organised at any sports centre or large indoor venue. Bringing together teams of pupils from a number of schools festivals can also be used to enhance the Tri-Golf programmes taking place in the individual schools. A typical festival will involve teams of ten children from around ten different schools or, on a smaller scale, five classes from five schools. A teacher/parent can set up ten putting, chipping and hitting challenges in a sportshall (circuit-style) and the teams of children work their way from station to station. With normally a leader in charge of each station, the activities are centrally timed and team points are awarded, all recorded on each team's scorecard.